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Coming soon, to a galaxy near you...


With the songs:

Available as soon as my life stops

1.)  Unravel Me

getting in the way of completing it.

2.)  Texas Spring  (Link to audio)

3.)  Something's Out There


4.)  Then I Explode  (Link to audio)

Pre-order your copy today

5.)  Fossiliferous  (Link to audio)

by sending me an e-mail.

6.)  War

7.)  The Universal Anthem

Or, send me a check or

8.)  Asleep At The Wheel  (Link to audio)

money order, and I will

9.)  Time

ship it out when it's done.

10)  Sweet Belize

Click on the songs above for audio links on Bandcamp.


Thanks to everyone for all the great e-mail!

I appreciate your support. Love, therm.


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ThermiumMusic @ gmail . com


"I have plenty more songs to record.  Support me so that I can finish them and continue writing and performing.  Donations in excess of the sales price are always welcome and greatly appreciated."

Thank you!

Future Projects


Future Projects


Interstellar Echoes Productions

Interested in joining my team and helping out?

Contact me for details!


Babba Rachie Studios

I compiled this calendar to showcase the events where I've auditioned or performed.  I'm always ready to play, so contact me and tell me where to show up!

Recent Venues

Here is a list of the equipment I currently have in my studio.  Contact me if you have any questions about my gear, I know it inside and out, literally.  Thanks.

My Equipment

Fossiliferous from Thermium on YouTube.



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