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Record #2, "Take Two" Record #3, "The Magic Of Music"
With the songs: With the songs:
Recorded 1.)  Tomorrow Through Yesterday 1.)  The Magic of Music
Recorded 2.)  10,000 Years 2.)  Unconditional Love
Recorded 3.)  Changing Times 3.)  Russia
Recorded 4.)  Key to The Past 4.)  Even The Score
5.)  The Setting Sun 5.)  Out Of The Blue
6.)  Chicxulub Recorded 6.)  The Decay
Recorded 7.)  Forgotten In Time 7.)  Truth
Ready 8.)  Never Say Never 8.)  Some People Believe
9.)  Chaotic Cadence (Throwing Stones) 9.)  Not Enough Room
Recorded 10.) Enchilada 10.) The Big Pink Tower of Love, 

aka The US Bancorp Tower in Portland, OR, home of the Portland City Grill.

Sets are subject to change.  Additional pages will be added for these songs when they come up for production.

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