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Texas Spring
Tim A Herman

Copyright © 1996

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Itís April fifth and what a scene,
from El Paso to Abilene.
The snow laid like a blanket thrown across the plains.

It was the spring of ninety-six,
weatherís up to her same old tricks.
Iíd gladly trade the sun for all this rain.

Iím on the road again...


I crossed from Texas to New Mexico,
probíly sixteen more hours to go.
And this damn road just seems to go on and on.

Itís not a stranger anymore,
Iíve been this way some times before.
Today the rain is falliní and Iím all alone.

Iím going home...


As I crossed the Great Divide,
the sun came out and caught my eye.
But itís just playiní a game of hide and seek.

The Southern Pacific carries itís load,
lumbering off to parts unknown.
Tomorrow we will both be far from here.

I could use a beer...


Just outside the Arizona line,
the sun came out one more time.
The sky was ablaze with the fire of a dying day.

Soon the darkness will envelope me,
and write this page into history.
This is something that I will not soon forget.

On that Iíd bet...
On that Iíd bet...
On that Iíd bet...