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Here are some of the places we like to visit...


Astronaut Photography of Earth

Harmony In-Depth Summary
Astronomy Picture of the Day REAPER, excellent, affordable DAW
Atlas of The Universe Steinberg
CERN The Method Behind the Music
Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, TX Ultimate Guitar Tabs
European Space Agency Yamaha Music
Galaxy Crash Simulator
Houston Museum of Natural Science, Lucy's Legacy


Silversage, premier Las Vegas Band
Institute of Human Origins Brian Thompson, Ellensburg raised actor
James Webb Space Telescope Allen Hinds, Jazz guitarist extraordinaire
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - JAXA Ryan Huttleston &
Kohunlich - Mayan Ruins Dale Herman Photography
Mars One - Human Settlement in 2023 Justin Colletti & Trust Me, Iím A Scientist
NASA Rick Farmiloe, premier LA animator
Neil A. Armstrong Rick's Martini Bar, Rick Farmiloe, Kelli Maroney & Jerry McCarty
New Scientist Bradric Productions, Jerry McCarty, President
SETI@home - My Stats The McCarty Metro

Space Science Institute


The Big Picture Misc. Crank Dot Net
The Planetary Society

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour

The Planetary Society Belize Expeditions Google PacMan
Windows to the Universe Urban Legends  
Music Cakewalk
Guitar World Public Service Announcements Borderline Personality Disorder - dmoz - Open Directory Project
Borderline Personality Disorder - Nat'l Institute of Mental Health

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