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Function Manufacturer Model No. Description
1 Amplifier ART Tube MP Professional Tube Microphone Preamp, courtesy of S. McCully. (The tube has since blown 2/16/17, TAH)
2 Amplifier Fender '94 Twin Amp Professional Tube Amplifier, 'Evil Twin', courtesy of B. Boracci. (1994)
3 Amplifier Gemini XGA-3000 400 watt (RMS) power in a 19" rack mount enclosure. The fans are not modulated, they run continuously at full speed with all the inherent noise associated with that. (2017)
4 Amplifier Harman/Kardon AVR 230 A/V amplifier. This unit needs repair, it's function is replaced by Item #3. (2004)
5 Amplifier Peavey 212 Classic Guitar tube amplifier, courtesy of Bob Boracci. (1979)
6 Amplifier Pig Nose 7-100 Guitar amplifier, portable, USS Texas, CGN-39, Norfolk, VA. (1981)
7 Camcorder DXG DXG-A85V HD Pro Gear 1080p High-Definition camcorder. (2011)
8 Computer Gateway GT4024 Media Center Computer, Intel Pentium D 805 (Dual Core) 64-bit w/ EM64T Technology, 2.66GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB L2 cache, 2GB RAM, 250GB HD, and Windows XP SP3. (2006)
9 Computer Gateway SX2802-01 Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.5GHz, 8GB DDR2, 750Gb HD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, USB 3.0, 2TB H/W RAID 1, and Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit. (2010)
10 Drum Kit Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Electronic drum kit, Special Version 1. (2008)
11 Drum Machine Alesis HR-16B High Sample Rate / 16 Bit Drum Machine, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1989)
12 Effects, Guitar Boss CE-2 Chorus pedal, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1979)
13 Effects, Guitar DigiTech RP200A Modeling Guitar Processor. (2008)
14 Effects, Guitar DOD FX40 Equalizer pedal, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1988)
15 Effects, Guitar Dunlop Manuf., Inc Fuzz Face Dallas-Arbiter-England, courtesy of B. Boracci.
16 Effects, Guitar Ross Distortion Distortion pedal, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1978)
17 Effects, Guitar Ross Phaser Phaser pedal, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1979)
18 Effects, Guitar Yamaha REX50 Digital Multi Effector, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1987)
19 Effects, Vocal DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 Vocal Harmony and Effects Processor. (2011)
20 Foot pedal Thomas Organ Co. / VOX King VOX-WAH King VOX-WAH, courtesy of B. Boracci.
21 Foot pedal RFX RFX402P Stereo Volume/Panner/C.V. pedal, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1997)
22 Guitar Costa Mesa CMA 199-12 12 string acoustic, no info on company. Bought at a pawn shop in Houston, TX. (2008)
23 Guitar Fender Stratocaster Made in USA, S/N: S 936009, courtesy B. Boracci. (1980)
24 Guitar Hohner Rockwood 6 string electric, courtesy of K. Briggs.
25 Guitar Ovation, Celebrity CK 047 6 string acoustic w/Pickup, Tuner and EQ. (2008)
26 Guitar Ovation, Celebrity CC57 6 string acoustic w/Pickup, Shallow Back. (1993)
27 Guitar Peavey T-15 6 string electric, USS Texas, CGN-39, Norfolk, VA. (1981)
28 Guitar Yamaha SE612A 6 string electric, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1985), used by K. Briggs of Impentris (2000-2005)
29 Guitar, Bass Electra X635 0189 Commemorates the 60th Anniversary of SLM, 1922-1982. Purchase in 1985 at San Onofre. (1982)
30 Headphones Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Studio monitoring headphones. (2016)
31 Instrument    Suzuki OM-27 Omnichord
32 Interface/Mixer M-Audio Delta 1010 10 in-10 out PCI digital recording system w/S/PDIF. (2000)
33 Interface/Mixer Presonus AudioBox 1818 VSL 8 microphone preamplifiers, 18x18 USB 2.0 recording and playback engine. (2017)
34 Keyboard Yamaha PSR-240 PortaTone portable keyboard. (1999), used by Impentris (2000-2005)
35 Metronome Boss DB-33 Dr. Beat Electronic metronome, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1979)
36 Microphone Blue Spark Cardioid, solid-state condenser. (2011)
37 Microphone CAD C400S Cardioid, large diameter, single pattern condenser. (2000)
38 Microphone Shure SM58 (2) Cardioid dynamic. (2011)
39 Mixer Behringer MX802A Eurorack, ultra-low noise 8-channel mic/line mixer. (2000)
40 Mixer TASCAM PORTA 03 Two input, four track cassette recorder and mixer, courtesy of B. Boracci. (1986)
41 Speakers Bose AM-5 3-Piece satellite and subwoofer. (1989)
42 Synthesizer Yamaha MOTIF7 Music Production Synthesizer. (2004)

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