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Oh, what a life... Huh?  What's going on?
Oh, it's only you! Couldn't you tell I was sleeping?
Leave me alone now, unless Tully wants to play. There's Tully, she's looking for trouble.
And here comes trouble, Lucky style! Do you want some?

Lucky McCully

Miniature Pinscher, b. 07/ 07/ 2007 (lucky 7's)

Lucky is a lap dog, the King of the Toys, and was Phil McCully's close friend in the last years of his life as he battled Alzheimer's disease in McCleary, WA.  After Phil passed on, Lucky was homeless, so me and Laurie took him in.  Tully didn't like it much, but she's getting better.  She's bigger than Lucky, and Lucky knows it!

That's it, beg for it!

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